The Gemini Man



The Gemini man is a lively, intelligent and charming male that undoubtedly catches your attention almost instantly. He has a youthful appearance no matter what his age seems to be and a magnetic sex appeal that will draw you to him. The Gemini man is an Air sign meaning that he is ruled by the mind. The motto for a Gemini man is “I think.” He is intelligent, curious, witty, and these men are highly knowledgeable on most subjects – be it films, music, politics, sports or literature – the Gemini man knows a little  bit about everything. They are truly great conversationalists, as they always have interesting things to say. And these men love to talk mind you, for they are ruled by the Third House which is the house of Communication. These men are the definitive communicators of the Zodiac. Their minds are constantly working at lightning speeds so speech to them becomes a way of anchoring their thoughts into the physical world.


This sign is ruled by the planet Mercury meaning that the Gemini is a fast thinker and “doer”. He is continually on the go both physically and mentally, making him an energetic and active male in both mind and body. The Gemini man needs constant mental stimulation being an air sign. To accommodate this inherent need in his astrological nature he constantly seeks out new things, new places, new people and new ideas and experiences to quench his thirst for knowledge and insight. The Gemini man therefore loves novelty and variety. These men love to sample a bit of everything in life, and the mercurial winds beneath their wings will always keep them on the go, forever moving, forever searching. This character trait can sometimes manifest itself as restlessness, at other times as spontaneity and adventurous nature.



This, however, falls right in place with the Geminian personality which is the epitome of duality. The Gemini’s symbol are in actuality The Twins and they represent the two opposing sides of the world – the light and the dark, the good and the bad, the ying and the yang…  And the Gemini man’s own personality rings true to this, as he too switches between the good and the bad, one moment being extroverted, lively and charming, and the next becoming introverted, dark and brooding. Their moods often change. Living with a Gemini is like living with 2 different people. Sometimes even 3 or 4 different people. But one must understand that this is an inherent trait in their personality. While some people might have fixed viewpoints on specific topics, the Gemini can always see an argument from both sides – and often both at the same time. This appears however not as a contradiction to the Gemini, as the Gemini is the one sign who truly understands how to house two dueling, opposite viewpoints and accepts this very naturally.


Gemini men are highly adaptable to say the least. They are a mutable sign meaning that they adapt very well to change. This is also one of the reasons why they thrive on variety and new experiences. Adapting to new situations and new locations comes with the greatest of ease to this astrological sign. They thoroughly enjoy it.


But their love for the new and untried can often make these men very impatient and they have a tendency to get bored very easily. If they are bored with something, they will not hesitate to move on. This poses a problem at the work  place because Geminians don’t have the patience or resolve to see projects through to the end unless what they are working on really interests them. If it does then they will produce brilliant work at lightning speeds, as they are highly intelligent individuals who think and act fast. If they, however, are not interested in the task at hand then they will procrastinate - and if they can get away with it (and many times they actually can, thanks to their silver tongue) they might even abandon the project entirely, in favor of new and more exciting things to delve into. The Gemini may have to find a job where he gets to do creative and intellectually stimulating work, while leaving the grind labor to his minions.





Born: May 21 – June 20

Symbol: The Twins

Element: Air

Ruling Planets: Mercury

Quality: Mutable

Ruling House: Third













The Gemini man is flirtatious with a sharp wit, charm and intelligence that will have you mesmerized upon your first meeting. You will immediately be attracted to this male because of his outgoing nature, good conversation skills and zest for life.


When talking to him you get the feeling that he genuinely wants to get to know you, which is true. Gemini men will ask you plenty of questions when you first meet them because they have a sincere need to know more about you which is due to their inherent curiosity in their nature. They love meeting new people and learning new things.


The Gemini man’s love for novelty, however, coupled with his inherent tendency to get bored very easily and quickly move on if something no longer interests him often poses a major problem in his love relationships.


For the Gemini man is the ultimate commitment-phobe of the Zodiac. It is very hard to pin a Gemini man down and get him to stay in one place (with you!) because he simply doesn’t like being stagnant. He wants to keep moving, keep going, keep experiencing new places, new things and new people(!). Just when you have fallen under his spell-binding good looks and irresistable charms, you’ll find that he has moved on.


There are however a few ways to attract the Gemini man and keep his interest in the long run. First, and foremost you have to keep him intellectually interested in you. For the Gemini falls in love with his mind first and then his heart. He finds himself therefore attracted to women who can stimulate him mentally and who are intelligent, articulate, fast-paced talkers and thinkers like himself. The woman who wins his heart will have to win him through his mind.




Since the Gemini man loves variety and experiencing new things he adores women who loves theses things too. Be prepared to change your plans at a moment’s notice as these Twins are notoriously indecisive. He may suddenly decide to do a 180° turn – and plans that started out as just dinner at a restaurant, suddenly becomes a trip to the casino then driving down the coastline to go night swimming at the beach. If you’re planning on attracting a Gemini and keeping him, then you’ll have to be a woman who enjoys his spontaneous whims as much as he does. Some women may find this kind of life tiring, others will find it exciting. But one thing’s for certain, you’ll never find yourself bored in the company of a Gemini man.


An important part of having a romantic relationship with a Gemini man is to let him have his space. He needs the freedom and space to delve into many other different things – be it various books he’s readings, news and current events that he’s keeping himself up-to-date on, hobbies, friends, new aquaintances, movies, music – aside from you. If you’re expecting your Gemini man to make you the center of his world once you are together in a relationship or be a passionate whirlwind lover for you, then you’re better off with an Aries. The Gemini man is more of a friend and confidant than he is a passionate Romeo lover. He is cool, aloof, detached and objective – but also sweet, affectionate and caring – but then also dark, mean-spirited and brooding. Remember the Gemini multiple personalities. So his lover must above all be patient, especially, if she prefers one “Twin” (one side of his personality) to the other(-s). Love him for all his good traits as well as his bad, and he will truly feel safe and secure and loved by you – meaning he will stay. He might jet off now and then on one of his many new Gemini adventures but if you provide a loving place for him to come home to, then he’ll keep coming back.


If  he does, then you will be one of the very few women in this man’s lifetime, with whom he has gotten into a close romantic relationship with. You are already in a very special place with him.


Keep things exciting, give him space, accept his good and his bad sides and give him the intellectual stimulation he needs, then you will win this man’s love.



The body parts ruled by Gemini are the lungs, nerves, nervous system, hands, shoulders, arms and fingers.





In love relationships the Gemini man is most compatible with these astrological signs:



In love relationships the Gemini man is least compatible with these astrological signs:






Bob Dylan, John F. Kennedy, Walt Whitman, Bob Hope, Michael J. Fox, Henry Kissinger, Dean Martin, Donald Trump, John Wayne, Lionel Richie, Thomas Mann, Erroll Flynn, Richard Wagner, Morgan Freeman, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Paul McCartney.

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