The Aquarius Man



The Aquarius Man is an honest, intelligent and sociable male. This man’s element is Air, and so therefore he is first and foremost ruled by the mind. Aquarius is the sign of wisdom, and this astrological sign’s motto is therefore “I know”.


He is ruled by the planet Uranus so therefore he is intuitive, independent and a free spirit. He doesn’t like to abide by society’s rules making him often a non-conformist and social rebel, and being a very tolerant astrological sign he  always has friends in all levels of society ranging from the high society trend-setters to the outsiders of low brow society. He  is indeed a very friendly sign and accepts all people. He is a sign that cares for all of humanity.


The Aquarius man is extremely original, strongly individualistic, inventive and has ideas that verge on genius. These men  will often be found in technological or creative fields of work,  inventing new gadgets, programs or devices or breaking-ground in fashion, design or the arts where his original and unique perspective will counter traditional views.


They are unusual, quirky, strange however highly original people. They often have a cool exterior, often seeming aloof and detached.


The Aquarian is very often rational and objective in his thoughts and will very rarely let his feelings control him. He can always see both sides of an argument, but because this man is a Fixed sign he rarely has any trouble deciding on one side and holding firm to this opinion.


Being a fixed sign this astrological male is set in his ways and has strong beliefs that he holds on to. He can often be seen as inflexible because of this, but as long as one appeals to his logical and rational thinking, he is not that stubborn so as that he can’t listen to your point of view. And with sufficient and intelligent reasoning he can decide  that you are right, and change his standpoint.


As a fixed sign so he is also loyal and devoted to people, as well as, to ideas.




Born: January 20 – February 18

Symbol: The Water Bearer

Element: Air

Ruling Planets: Uranus

Quality: Fixed

Ruling House: Eleventh



The Aquarius man is ruled by the Eleventh House which is rightfully known as the house of friends, hopes and wishes. Social activities, friendships, good causes, humanitarian issues, hopes, dreams, wishes, ideals and aspirations, these are all attributes that belong to the Eleventh house, and therefore attributes that belong to the Aquarian male.





The Aquarius man is highly attractive and magnetic, so it’s fairly easy to find yourself fascinated with this zodiac male. Aquarians love with their mind first. To win the Aquarius man’s heart you will have to cater to his mind and intellect. These are extremely rational and objective men, so they are very much detached from their emotions. They see emotions as a weakness and will go to great lengths to avoid feelings of any sort and they feel uncomfortable if a woman is overly-emotional, demanding or highly temperamental. He simply doesn’t respond well to this, as he doesn’t understand this, so he will most likely either ignore it or simply leave the situation. His unemotional nature can often times make him seem cold, detached and distanced. But he is really just a man who lives in his mind, not in his emotions. One must understand this about him, if they want a relationship with this man.


Being a mentally driven man doesn’t mean however that this man is incapable of love. He is capable of falling in love, however their partner must be patient, as this male takes his time when falling in love. The Aquarian male wants his lover to first and foremost be a friend. He is not, nor will he ever be, a passionate Romeo-whirlwind-romance lover, it simply isn’t in his nature. He is a best friend and confidante who you can share your thoughts, ideals, dreams, friends and experiences with.


He is attracted to a woman who is free-spirited, independent, cool-minded and who shares his interests as well as his sphere of friends. If you get along well with his friends then he will find you even more attractive. He is after all an outgoing and humanitarian sign, so he finds himself very much compatible with a woman who also shares these personality traits.


When he is interested in a woman he has the odd and quirky habit of being mean to her at first. He will criticize her or make fun of her infront of other people. But this is for several reasons. First and foremost because he is uncomfortable with his feelings towards her. Secondly, because he is afraid of being deeply hurt if he opens up his heart to her and she doesn’t love him back. Thirdly, the Aquarius male also feels uncomfortable by the mere fact that he favors ONE woman above all of humanity, he doesn’t understand this in rational terms, and so therefore feels quite uneasy about this.


The Aquarian male is also one of the hardest zodiac males to get to commit to a relationship. Being an air sign he loves (and needs) his space. He feels very easily suffocated and confined in love relationships, and is notorious for disappearing for several days or weeks without a word. And then reappearing like nothing happened and like he’d never been away. This can naturally be very taxing and tiring for his romantic partner, who above all will have to be patient and understanding of this, if she wants to sustain a long-term relationship with this man. But one must remember that the Aquarius male does this - not because he doesn’t care deeply for his romantic partner – but because the need for space and freedom is so deeply ingrained in his character. If you give him this space – and a loving place to return to – then he will be truly happy. This is the most important basis for a long-term relationship with the Aquarius male.



The body parts ruled by Aquarius are the circulatory system, calves, ankles, Achilles heal, shins and the lower part of the legs.





In love relationships the Aquarius man is most compatible with these astrological signs:



In love relationships the Aquarius man is least compatible with these astrological signs:






Christian Bale, Charles Darwin, Bob Marley, Chris Rock, Christian Dior, Alan Alda, Ashton Kutcher, Abraham Lincoln, Francis Bacon, Federico Fellini, Burt Reynolds, Elijah Wood, David Lynch, Humphrey Bogart, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Paul Newman, Charles Dickens, Alice Cooper, James Joyce, Justin Timberlake, John Grisham.

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