Weekly Horoscope: November 22 – 28, 2010

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Aries 21. 3. - 19.4.

At work you seem to be more focused on winning every argument instead of getting the job done. Finances are stable this week. You need to spend more time with your romantic partner who is feeling neglected right now. 


Taurus 20. 4. - 20.5.

Don’t take advice from a business partner this week until you have discussed it with an objective third party. Your household responsibilities will take up most of your time. Good food, wine and lively company are in store for you this weekend.


Gemini 21. 5. - 20.6.

Your curiosity is the driving force at work this week. A friend or family member will present you with a delightful proposition. This is a good time to develop existing relationships with interesting people.


Cancer 21. 6. - 22.7.

People at work will have difficulty understanding your good intentions this week, don’t let this discourage you. Your home duties will be the center of attention this week for you. There will be plenty of romance and attention from your significant other in store for you this week if you will just communicate your needs in a kind and patient way.


Leo 23. 7. - 22.8.

A dynamic burst of energy is in store for you this work week. Be careful not to overburden yourself with less important tasks, but instead focus your energy on the most important ones. Your love life will be fulfilling and full of happiness.


Virgo 23. 8. - 22.9.

A delivery will be delayed this week, so patience is important. There are many tasks that will need your attention in the work place. Be more appreciative of your romantic partner this week.


Libra 23. 9. - 22.10.

Seek advice from a business partner before making any major investments this week. There will be an opportunity for you to travel out of town with your romantic partner. Seize it! This is the right time to pursue favorite activities or interests.


Scorpio 23. 10. - 21.11.

A few misunderstandings arise in the work place. It is a good idea to take a closer look at your finances this week. You might have difficulty seeing things from your loved one’s perspective.


Sagittarius 22. 11. - 21.12.

The plans that you have been working on for some time now are beginning to show favorable results. Leave your financial matters to your spouse this week, as your judgement concerning money at the moment is clouded. Your romantic relationship will experience plenty of highlights this week.


Capricorn 22. 12. - 19.1.

An unexpected situation at work will test your patience. There is an important decision to be made on the home front. Your romantic partner also wants to try something new this week.


Aquarius 20. 1. - 18.2.

Positive feedback at work will give you an indication that your efforts are fully appreciated. Friends will be more likely than usual this week to come to you for advice. Things are peaceful on the home front.


Pisces 19. 2. - 20.3.

Emotions run deep this week when a co-worker decides to stir up trouble at work. Think about how conflicts can be resolved instead of placing blame. Your loved one will shower you with plenty of affection this week.

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November 22, 2010 at 10:38 AM

Hi Anna! Thanks for leaving your sweet comment at my blog. I notice your blog is quite new, so a big warm welcome to this fun blogland! Highly addictive but downright fun!
So, I seem to need patience this week. That is good because having 8 kids has definitely made me patient!

Have a splendid week!

  Anna Bauhaus

November 22, 2010 at 11:01 PM

Hi Kifus! Thank you for your wonderful comment and your warm welcome! :)