How To Attract The Gemini Man

The Gemini Man is one of the most charming, intelligent and exciting men of the zodiac. If you're planning on successfully attracting a Gemini male, then here are the secrets on how to win this man’s love.


How To Attract The Gemini Man


1. Intelligent conversations and mental stimulation


The Gemini man being an air sign is first and foremost a thinker. His mind works at such lightning speeds that he is in constant need of mental stimulation. To be with a Gemini man you must therefore be an intelligent woman yourself who is knowledgeable about many different things – because he is. You’ll have to be able to converse about such diverse topics as movies, current events, music, sports, literature, philosphy, technology and travel. And if you happen to be an expert on a particular subject, that’s all the better. Because he himself usually only has superficial knowledge on many things being the “jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none” kind of guy that he is, he’ll love it if you can show him that you have an in-depth knowledge in one particular field. If you can teach him some new things in this area of expertise of yours, he’ll love you for it.


Besides intelligent conversations you can keep him mentally stimulated by engaging him in all sorts of fun cerebral activities like playing chess with him or trying to beat him at Trivial Pursuit. Let this be a warning to you though that you just might lose because this man is a walking encyclopedia of useless trivia. He is truly a “gatherer of knowledge”. And he will love nothing more than communicating this knowlegde to you, so just let him.


If you can continually provide him with both intelligent conversations and cerebral activities you’ll keep his interest - and eventually win his heart.  



2. Novelty and variety


If you want to attract your Gemini guy then novelty and variety when dating him are the keys to success. He is ruled by the planet Mercury making him a fast thinker and “doer”. So dating him requires a female who is likewise an active and creative spirit. Some great date ideas when going out with your Gemini man include lectures, art exhibitions, poetry readings, the latest blockbuster movies, as well as, rock climbing, sports events, surfing, playing any sports that he may be interested in, go-carting, riding dirt bikes, bungee-jumping or sky-diving. Yes, life with this male is definitely not dull, that’s for sure. You can also take him to the brand new fusion-cuisine restaurant that just opened this week, the theatre, parties, different social gatherings or even a spontaneous weekend trip to who-knows-where.


If you can keep his mind, as well as, his body actively engaged with new and exciting things, he will adore you for it. The Gemini male is naturally curious about all things and at the same time in constant need of change and diversity, so giving him what he needs, that is, novelty and variety, at all times is the way to this man’s heart.


You, yourself, will have to be spontaneous, outgoing and fun-loving to be able to keep up with him – for he himself will always come up with new, exciting things to do with you when you are dating. And always be ready to change your plans at a moment’s notice because Gemini will come up with ideas on the fly – and he loves a woman who will go with the flow and come along for the ride. If you think this kind of romantic love life is exciting, then you’ve definitely met the perfect match.



3. Freedom and space


One of the most important aspects of dating a Gemini man is giving him space. He is extremely independent and loves to experience everything that life has to offer without feeling tied down. He wants to think and act freely. Therefore he wants to be with a woman who is just as independent and freedom-loving as he is. She will have to be someone who has her own interests, friends and activities – so that when he is off on one of his Gemini adventures, you’ll be off, as well, on one of your own. Then when the two of you meet up again, you’ll both have exciting new stories to tell each other (mental stimulation, remember!) and still have given each other the space and freedom to live life to its fullest.


The woman who understands this and is willing to give him his freedom and space, that he needs so as a Gemini man, will win his heart. The old saying “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was”, truly applies when it comes to the Gemini man. If you set him free, and he keeps coming back, he’s yours. 

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