The Aries Man



The Aries Man is a very strong, masculine, powerful and passionate man. His element is fire, therefore he is first and foremost a do’er. He takes action, and charges forth. He is brave and will fight for the person or people he loves and also for what he believes in, for he is ruled by the planet Mars making him a an aggressive and fearless warrior by nature. He loves competition, be it at the workplace or in love relationships, he loves the challenge and the opportunity to outdo other people. And make no mistake, the Aries man will often succeed. for he is a strong-willed and determined individual that won’t back down in a fight.




The planet Mars symbolizes raw human energy, and the Aries man, as well as having a powerful sexual drive, also has an great reservoir of physical energy that he often may direct towards various sports or towards maintaining a busy, active lifestyle. He is spontaneous and energetic, but this ruling planet also symbolizes creativity and independence.


Aries is a cardinal sign so men born under this astrological sign love to take action and are very often pioneers in their respective fields. They are great initiators of new projects and enterprises and they possess inherent leadership qualities. They, however, often don’t “look before they leap”, diving head first into projects and situations without completely thinking things through first. They often don’t take the time to consider the consequences of their actions, as they are quick to action, and often begin their endeavors right away. A few of the other signs could learn a thing or two from him in regards to this, however, the Aries man himself could learn a thing or two from the other signs as well, since he has the passion and drive to initiate things but not the much-needed staying power to see things through to completion.





Born: March 21 – April 19

Symbol: The Ram

Element: Fire

Ruling Planets: Mars

Quality: Cardinal

Ruling House: First








The Aries man is ruled by the First House, which is the house of Self. This house pertains to the discovery and evolution of one’s self and how one is perceived by the outer world. The Aries man’s motto is therefore “I am”, and he is continually focused on both his inner self, his actions and his appearance along with how he projects himself to the outer world.





The Aries man is outgoing and spontaneous and he exudes an air of power and vitality about him, and this fierce energy can be very attractive. He is however very dominating in love relationships, as he likes to be in control at all times. His lively, energetic and outgoing personality, however, far outweighs this, and being in a relationship with one can be extremely exciting, adventurous and life-affirming. When he loves he loves whole-heartedly. He is honest and direct and hates playing any sort of mind-games, so steer clear of those kinds of “cat-and-mouse” games if you are interested in winning this man’s heart.


When a relationship is over for an Aries man, it is truly over, and he never looks back. So never break up with him, unless you are entirely certain. For the Aries man will quickly move on. And once out of his life, you’re out for good.


In a love relationship with the Aries male you have to let him be the leader and in control. He is attracted to strong, independent and passionate women who, like himself, are spontaneous and free-spirited, however, he secretly desires his woman to be a domestic wifey-type who will take care of him and his family, as he himself has an inherent need to protect his family, as well, and an inherent need to be the leader of his household. He wants a woman who is a challenge to him, but not someone who will dominate or control him.



The body parts ruled by Aries are the head, brain, face, eyes and muscles.





In love relationships the Aries man is most compatible with these astrological signs:



In love relationships the Aries man is least compatible with these astrological signs:






Marlon Brando, Christopher Walken, Leonardo Da Vinci, Spencer Tracy, Eric Clapton, Al Gore, Vincent van Gogh, Quentin Tarantino,  Robert Downey Jr., Rene Descartes, Warren Beatty, Johann Sebastian Bach.

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