The Virgo Man



The Virgo Man is a very disciplined, hard-working and organized man. His element is earth and he is therefore a very practical and rational individual who focuses on the concrete tasks at hand. Being an earth sign also makes him dependable and reliable both in his work life and in his home life. He is focused on duty and responsibility. The Virgo man is often an extremely busy male, since he often makes many commitments and always keeps them.


Virgo is governed by the planet Mercury, a planet that rules the intellect and thought processes. The Virgo male’s motto is rightfully therefore “I analyze”. For he is the master of analysis – both in regards to himself but also in analysis of others. He is a true perfectionist and most of his life is devoted to continually working towards this perfection and organizing chaos into order. This is a fundamental character trait of the Virgo man and an inextricable core of his personality.


His constant drive for perfection can, however, sometimes lead him to be over-critical of both himself and of others. But at its best, this drive eventually very often leads him to succeed in his professional life as well as in personal one.


The Virgoan astrological sign is a mutable sign, meaning that the Virgo man is one who is adaptable to change. He is constantly on the move and keeping busy. Sharing the same planet (Mercury) and quality (mutable) as the restless Gemini, Virgo also possesses a certain restlessness, however, the Virgo man’s restlessness does not manifest itself outwards like Gemini’s does, but instead it is an inner restlessness that is focused on ordering chaos – the “unstructured” or “imperfect” in the Virgo man’s thoughts, personality, projects and life. On the outside the Virgo man may seem cool, calm and collected, but on the inside he is constantly thinking up ways to achieve order, structure and perfection in everything he does.


Furthermore, the flexibility in the Virgo man’s nature manifests itself in his great ability to change his specific course mid-journey to take a different route if he – after sufficient analysis – decides that a new path is the best way to achieve the desired result. This quality is especially great when applied to his business life where reevaluating one’s plans and course of action to achieve the best results is a definite must.



Born: August 23 – September 22

Symbol:  The Virgin

Element: Earth

Ruling Planets: Mercury

Quality: Mutable

Ruling House: Sixth



The Virgo man is ruled by the Sixth House, which is the House of responsibility, work, service, duties and health. The Sixth House represents routine tasks, learning and perfecting skills, being of service to others, caretaking (people and tasks), health and general well-being. The Virgo man is therefore extremely responsible, dutiful and reliable - with a strong work ethic and a great natural tendency to help others. This man is furthermore often health-conscious, focused on eating healthy and exercising. He also has impeccable personal hygiene and grooming habits. These men like to take care of their bodies.





The Virgo man is an attractive and extremely charming male, and it's therefore fairly easy to find yourself fascinated with one of these men. To win the heart of this man you have to be a like-minded individual who prioritizes work, responsibilities and commitments, as he too finds these things to be extremely important.


The Virgo man is a detail-oriented and reliable male. If you ever marry one of these men, then you can rest assured that you can always count on him to fulfill his responsibilities at home and that he, on top of that, always will remember your anniversary or your birthday. His natural inclination toward detail and practical responsibilities coupled with his infallible good memory will certainly make sure to this.  


The Virgo man is furthermore a true perfectionist. He always strives for perfection in both himself and in others. Because of this, however, the Virgo man can often be found to be very critical of himself. This unfortunately also tends to apply to his view of others of whom he tends to expect the same high standards from as he does of himself, which can be quite taxing on the people around him - including his romantic partner. He will often criticize his romantic partner,  which no doubt  is a clear flaw in his nature, but it is an inextricable part of who he is. And one must remember that his criticism of her is because he loves her and because he cares deeply for her - otherwise he wouldn’t even bother.


The Virgo male is attracted to a woman who is caring and helpful and he wants to be with  a woman with whom he can share his problems, worries and thoughts with, because if you leave him to do this by himself, then it can become extremely stressful on him. He likes a like-minded female who is interested in solving problems, improving her life, being well-organized and a woman who is practical and reasonable. He has extreme difficulty with women who are over-emotional, dramatic, temperamental and he tends to avoid a woman who can't control her emotions, cries over small things and start fights for the pure drama (Leo) or fierce emotional need (Scorpio) of the fight. He is a sensitive, reserved and reasonable man, so if you want your side of the argument to be heard then he is much more receptive and open towards a calm and rational presentation of a problem than an overly dramatic argument with tears or shouting. The latter type of arguing simply puts him off and will tend to drive him away.


The fact that the zodiac sign Virgo is in reality the only zodiac sign that is represented by a woman (virgin) as its astrological symbol, means that Virgo men are in fact shy, meek and reserved individuals. They are very receptive towards others’ thoughts and needs, and so therefore even though they may seem cool and detached upfront they are in fact highly sensitive creatures on the inside. They are devoted to service and represent caring and in a sense an innocent purity. The love that the Virgo man gives to the other person is always an honest, pure and true love.   


Being a reserved, shy and meek individual the Virgo man will therefore rarely open up towards a woman unless he is certain of her and his own love. This can oftentimes make these men seem withdrawn or uninterested in the early stages of the relationship, but don’t be discouraged because Virgos just need more time than other signs. But once you’ve won his love and trust then they are the most loyal, loving and affectionate lovers that one could ever want. Once they’ve opened their heart to you and you’re in a relationship with this man, then you definitely will never have to worry about him cheating on you, since the Virgo man doesn’t even bother to look at other women once he’s chosen his mate. He’ll love you until long after the hairs on your head have turned a silver gray. Because that is truly the kind of lover he is, when he chooses a woman, then rest assured, that this man genuinely wants to be with her for the rest of his life.



The body parts ruled by Virgo are the solar plexus, appendix, intestines, spleen, bowels, abdomen.





In love relationships the Virgo man is most compatible with these astrological signs:



In love relationships the Virgo man is least compatible with these astrological signs:






Sean Connery, Bruce Springsteen, Stephen King, Oliver Stone, Michael Jackson, Gene Kelly, H.G. Wells, Lyndon B. Johnson, Michael Keaton, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Moby, Mark Ronson, Jeremy Irons, Bill Murray, Ray Charles, Harry Connick Jr., John Locke, Leo Tolstoy, Mickey Rourke, Leonard Cohen, Lance Armstrong, Hugh Grant, Richard Gere, Antonin Artaud, Guy Ritchie, Henry Ford, Peter Falk.

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