Horoscope For The New Year 2011

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I wish my dear readers a Happy New Year 2011. Today is the first day of 2011 and a new and exciting year awaits us all! For those of you who would like to know what the New Year holds in store for your specific astrological sign then read on:


Movement and action is at the center of both your professional  and personal life. You’re drive to instigate new business ventures this year is strong, but take a thorough look at your individual business ideas beforehand to decide if the idea is in fact worth pursuing. Love brings new experiences for you this year, Aries. No matter if you’re single or in a relationship -new adventures with a loved one are just around the bend.


For Taurus the year 2011 promises to be a good one. You will receive financial profits from past investments and you will achieve success in business, especially if you’re self-employed. Marriage is in the cards for many single Taureans this year.


New beginnings and new experiences are on the agenda in 2011. Travel to foreign countries is very likely for you this year, as well as a shift in careers. But remember to think rationally about your decisions, or else you’ll do something that you might regret. 2011 is definitely not going to be a dull year for you. If you are open to love and friendly gestures, you will attract loving people into your life now. Easygoing and light energies are what you want from your loved one.


Home and family is deeply important to you and in 2011 you’ll find spiritual growth and harmony with those you love the most. Your romantic relationships this year will be memorable and you will spend many wonderful moments by your partner’s side. Your career and professional interests will give you pleasure and satisfaction this year.


This new year holds great opportunities for you in your career. You find yourself in a position of power in 2011, but as a Leo, you know how to treat your subjects with respect. Action is a central part of your life in 2011. Your love life is well-balanced, and if you’re single there will be plenty of opportunities to meet someone.


This year will bring a few challenges in your career, but none that you can’t overcome with some extra hard work and dedication. See these as great opportunities for growth and learning. Love, however, is looking very favorable for you this year. A new romance is on the horizon for you this year, you just have to remember to open your heart to it. Your romantic new partner may surprise you in ways you hadn’t thought possible. If you’re in a relationship then your love life will be blissful.


Your intellect along with your ability to get along with most anyone are your winning virtues this year, since you will be meeting plenty of new people in your personal and professional life. They will truly enjoy being in your company. Romance and new ideas will be flowing through your love relationships. You will encourage others to follow their own paths to love.


Your loving and passionate nature will help you navigate love’s turmoils this year, but remember to push your negativity aside if you want your partner to understand your emotions. Mid and late March 2010 will bring an improvement in your career opportunities. Your responsibilities at work may increase but your professional status at your job improves as an equivalent process.


Success in love and money is what characterizes this year ahead. The efforts that you’ve been putting into your career are showing good results now, but don’t rest on your laurels, keep moving forward. If you’re in a relationship, then many exciting new experiences await you and your partner in 2011, and if you’re single, a new romantic relationship is in store for you this year.


Finances are looking good for you this year Capricorn, and you will see a growth in your investments. Several unexpected changes at work at the beginning of the year will however cause you uneasiness, but remember that change can very often be a good thing, and do your best to welcome these changes while still feeling comfortable. Being romantic and not always merely practical in your relationship will make your love blossom and grow even more in 2011.


The year 2011 will hold plenty of opportunities for you to attend social events. Your ability to bring change with you wherever you go is a true gift, and people will love you for it this year. Business dealings with influential people towards the end of the year will prove to be beneficiary for your career.


The year 2011 will be a far better year for you as compared to the year 2010, where you have had to face quite a few setbacks in your career. But take these lessons learnt and move forward. Change can impact your life in remarkable ways this year, so be open and explore different alternatives. If you’re in a romantic relationship then 2011 is a time for rediscovering your love for one another, and if you’re single then 2011 is a time for discovering new love.



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