101 Ideas For Dating A Gemini

Gemini men and women are charming, fun-loving and intelligent people who love trying new things. They often have a tendency to get bored quite easily. When dating someone born under this astrological sign the keys to keeping the Gemini interested and entertained are variety, intellectual stimulation activities and physical activity. These are  the important things to remember and incorporate when going on a date with a Gemini.

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This list gives 101 date ideas that you can use when going on a date with a Gemini:


    1. Watch the latest big-budget movie

    2. Watch a foreign film with subtitles

    3. Watch one of the great classics of cinema. A list of 100 of the greatest film classics can be found here.

    4. Go to a concert.

    5. Go to a book signing.

    6. Go to a poetry reading.

    7. Go to a stand up comedy show.

    8. Go to an open mic night.

    9. Go to a political debate.

    10. Go to a museum.

    11. Find and attend lectures at the local university.

    12. Go to a lecture about quantum physics.

    13. Go to a lecture about english/irish/french/german/italian literature.

    14. Foreign Embassies usually arrange events and lectures. Try and bring your Gemini to a Tuscany-style buffet at the Italian embassy or a lecture about Noh Theater or anime at the Japanese embassy.

    15. Go to an art exhibition. Find one either in one of the established museums or in an underground artist’s atelier.

    16. Take a road trip.

    17. Go to the theater.

    18. Go to a musical.

    19. Go to a ballet.

    20. Go to an auction.

    21. Go to a sporting event.

    22. Do sports.

    23. Go to the library.

    24. Go to a bookstore.

    25. Play chess.

    26. Play Trivial Pursuit or other general knowledge trivia games.

    27. Play Buzz.

    28. Go to a Vietnamese/Mexican/Japanese/French/Indian/Italian/Thai/Polynesian/Chinese/Cajun/etc. restaurant – any type of restaurant, depending on your preferences and taste buds.

    29. Or go fusion and try out a Vietnamese-Mexican-Japanese-French-etc restaurant for the evening ; )

    30. Go wine tasting.

    31. Go to a brewery.

    32. Go to a micro-brewery.

    33. Go out for drinks & cocktails.

    34. Travel.

    35. Go to the beach.

    36. Go to the local market.

    37. Go dirt-biking.  

    38. Go ice skating/play icehockey. 

    39. Go snowboarding/skiing.

    40. Bobsled or sleigh down a snowcapped hill.

    41. Go surfing.

    42. Go jet skiing.

    43. Go snorkeling.

    44. Go underwater diving.

    45. Go to a casino.

    46. Go to the horse races.

    47. Go to the Indy 500, Le Mans or other car races.

    48. Invite them to a poker night.

    49. Cook a meal with them.

    50. Fix your car with them.

    51. Go bungee-jumping.

    52. Go parachute jumping.

    53. Go to a coffee shop, take a cup of coffee, and discuss any of the following:

    54. Discuss current events.

    55. Discuss music.

    56. Discuss movies.

    57. Discuss politics.

    58. Discuss literature.

    59. Discuss philosophy.

    60. Discuss something that you’re an expert in. Gemini men and women love it when you are an expert in a particular field, because they themselves very often aren’t. They don’t have the time, patience nor interest to fully learn a subject in depth, for the most part they are quite content with just grazing the surface.

    61. Go to a party.

    62. Go to a bar.

    63. Go to movie premiere.

    64. Have a picnic in the park.

    65. Go swimming in a lake/river/ocean/waterfall/hot springs/swimming pool

    66. Go to a county fair.

    67. Go to a circus.

    68. Go to a museum that has a particular theme – old vintage cars, dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, radio- & tv-equipment, space shuttles, musical instruments, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, science, local history, vintage furniture, etc.

    69. Go to a film festival.

    70. Go to the aquarium and spot some fish or sharks!

    71. Go to the botanical gardens.

    72. Go to the zoo.

    73. Go to a famous landmark.

    74. Take a cooking/gardening/drawing/photography/etc. class with your Gemini date.

    75. Get a spa massage with him/her – but be warned! they won’t stop talking even as they’re being massaged! :) So perhaps this might not be as relaxing for you :)

    76. Sit in front of a fireplace, drink a glass of red wine, eat strawberries, and talk! Geminis love to do this, as you already know ;)

    77. Hike a trail.

    78. Climb a mountain.

    79. Repel down a mountain.

    80. Go to Comic-Con or other local comic book convention.

    81. Go to a comic book store.

    82. Go to a symposium.

    83. Go to an airplane show.

    84. Go to a dog show/horse show/other animal show.

    85. Have a date in a piano bar.

    86. Go to a karaoke bar.

    87. Have a candlelit dinner in a fine restaurant.

    88. Have a candlelit dinner under the stars.

    89. Go to a Turkish bath.

    90. Go to a jazz club.

    91. Go to an opening of a new place in town. Be it a new restaurant/bar/book store/museum/movie theatre/etc., if it’s new – it’s got the Geminian’s interest.

    92. Fly a plane/take a flying lesson together

    93. Go geocaching.

    94. Be in the live studio audience of your favorite tv-show.

    95. Visit an amusement park.

    96. Go witness a shuttle launch.

    97. Visit an observatory.

    98. Go to a candy/furniture/car parts factory.

    99. Go to a themed restaurant.

    100. Go to see the Philharmonic Orhestra play.

    101. Surprise them! Go on a surprise date with your Gemini where ONLY YOU know the plans of the date. This will excite the Gemini and arouse his/her curiousity making the date become even more interesting for him/her. They will love you for this.


These are 101 ideas for dating a Gemini. The secret to keeping the Gemini man or woman interested is by providing them with variety. If you can come up with new things to do, then this zodiac sign will love to be a part of it.

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