The Taurus Man



The Taurus Man is a practical, steadfast and determined individual. He will stay the course long after everyone else has either given up or fallen by the wayside. The Taurus man’s element is earth, and like all earth signs, this man is grounded, stable, practical and dependable. They have a deep sense of responsibility and are trustworthy males because they are very honest and straightforward. They always keep both their promises and their appointments. These are the type of men who always arrive on time as opposed to say, Gemini or Leos, who somehow always manage to arrive late. They are loyal, hard-working men who very often achieve success in life because they have the endurance and staying power (and stubbornness!) to see things through to the end.





The Taurus man is a fixed sign and therefore he resists change. This man is not likely to budge neither in an argument nor in his ways. He holds his ground firmly. A typical and defining character trait of the Taurus man is therefore  stubbornness. Because this man moves for no one.


The Taurean likes stability in his life. He is always reliable, solid and strong .These men of the zodiac often aren't the initiators of new projects or ventures, as these will involve taking risks, and the Taurean males detest anything that may disrupt their secure and stable lifestyle. He, however, will very often achieve success in the end simply due to the stable, determined and unwavering effort and hard-work that he slowly but steadily puts in towards achieving his goals.


As a fixed sign the male Taurus will stick to a long term project and have the will power, the resolution and the sense of purpose to see it through to completion. Nothing will steer him clear off of or budge him from this path. He is steady as a rock, and stubborn as an ox.



Born: April 20 – May 20

Symbol: The Bull

Element: Earth

Ruling Planets: Venus

Quality: Fixed

Ruling House: Second



The Taurus man is ruled by the Second house which can rightfully be called the house of Value. For the Taurean indeed loves things of value – either material or immaterial. He loves money, material possessions and owning land or intellectual property. And he loves things of immaterial value as well, such as self-worth, loyalty, determination and a strong character. This man’s motto is therefore none other than “I have”.


This man is ruled by Venus and this planet makes the Taurean man a lover of physical sensuality, meaning that he experiences and enjoys life through the physical sensations  it presents, be it good food, wine, material possessions or physical connections with his partner. This man’s physical expression of love is, however, in opposed to say the Aries male whose expression is fiery and passionate, the Taurus male’s lovemaking is more sensual and earthbound.




The Taurus Man is a man who loves good food, fine wine and the sensual pleasures of this world. He therefore wants a woman who will share in his love for these things. He wants to be surrounded by his material possessions, which makes him feel safe and comfortable, and she will have to understand this about him.


The Taurus male is a sentimental person, who is in search of true love. He wants a romantic partner to spend the rest of his life with. He may be slow and will take his time in the initial stages of the romance, but this is because he is a fixed sign and these men are reluctant to change at first. But once he has decided that you are the one for him, he will devote himself fully to you, and you won't find a more loyal, loving, strong, patient, responsible and sensual lover than the Taurus man. If you want a man who will stay with you through thick and thin, this is the right man for you.


Once committed to their partner they are fully committed and faithful. They sometimes have difficulty verbally expressing their emotions to their partner, however they tend to show their emotions instead either through physical gestures or giving their partner gifts. This is just their way of loving and showing their love, for they are earth signs and their natures and pleasures are inherently bound to the physical and material enjoyments of this world.


The Taurean male is an honest and straightforward man who looks for those same character traits in a woman. He is the type of man who keeps his promises, and is therefore en extremely reliable and trustworthy man. He may for these very same reasons be perceived as dull or boring by some women, but those women who appreciate a man who is loyal and responsible, keeps his word, a loving family man, a stable provider and a romantic, sentimental being deep down inside then the Taurus man is the perfect man.



The body parts ruled by Taurus are the neck, throat, tonsils, jaw, tongue, chin, ears.





In love relationships the Taurus man is most compatible with these astrological signs:



In love relationships the Taurus man is least compatible with these astrological signs:






Jack Nicholson, Orson Welles, Stevie Wonder, George Lucas, Bing Crosby, Shakespeare, Fred Astaire, Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Joel, Bono, Sigmund Freud, Daniel-Day Lewis, Yogi Berra, Johannes Brahms, Dennis Hopper, George Clooney, Salvador Dali, Al Pacino.

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